Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

"Despite all the hardship our people are going through around the world today, Assyria is Alive and will remain Alive as long as we continue to Preserve, Strengthen and Promote our Culture and Heritage" (Dr. Joe Elias)

Our Focus

Education & Cultural Program - Sponsor and promote educational and cultural programs that spotlight the ancient and rich Assyrian heritage.  The foundation also provide scholarships to students pursuing advanced degrees in Assyriology or related Assyrian studies.  For more information about our Education Program, go to Education page.

Welfare & Humanitarian - Support Assyrians in need around the world by funding respected Assyrian humanitarian organizations. The toil and tribulation of the Assyrian people throughout our history makes welfare a key part of our sponsorship. We also provide financial assistance to Assyrian in war-torn countries in need of medical or surgical care.  For more information about our Welfare & Humanitarian Program, email us at needyassyrians@assyrianfoundation.org