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Preserve Assyrian Culture, History and Language


General Membership - Must be of Assyrian descent and/or married to those of Assyrian descent; minimum eighteen years of age; residents of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose area.  Annual Membership Fee:  $80 couples; $50 single

Associate Membership – Cannot vote nor hold any office but can participate in all activities. Associate members need not be of Assyrian descent or married to an Assyrian or be residents of the designated areas. Regular members have complete voting rights and the privilege to hold office and serve on committees after they have completed payment of their initiation fee and are current with their membership dues.  Annual Membership Fee:  $50 including a couple or single

Student Membership - Full-time students may be associate members and are exempt from any membership fees. They cannot vote nor hold any office but can participate in all activities.  Free Membership

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