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Window of Hope to Keep Assyria Alive


 Our Mission -  Assyrian Foundation of America is committed to preserving Assyrian language, culture, and history through educational endowment, humanitarian contributions, and cultural promotion   

Our History -  the early 1960s there was a resurgence of social activity among the Assyrian communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, spurred by immigrating Assyrian families, mainly from Iran and Iraq.

This fusion of new arrivals resulted in the formation of the Assyrian Soccer team in 1963 and a half hour Assyrian radio program.  But most importantly the Assyrian Foundation of America was established in 1964 by a few good men and women whose legacy would be to help needy Assyrians, help Assyrian students and schools, and preserve our culture and language.

AFA Historical Photo

Board of Directors 

President: Sargon Shabbas

Vice President: Annie Elias

Secretary: Dr. Julia Hallisy

Treasurer: Mariam Karoukian

Membership: Ramin Daniels

Social: Flora Kingsbury  & Chris Hamzaeff

Education & Cultural: Dr.  Jack Chaharbakhshi

Welfare & HumanitarianDr. Robert Karoukian

Nineveh Magazine Editor: Dr. Ninwe Maraha


"You could hardly imagine the joy I felt when I learned of your generous contribution to aid our brethren in Syria. Your outreach has touched the hearts of everyone at AMS and we all want to sincerely thank you for your $5,000 donation. To aid our brothers and sisters around the globe is a duty incumbent on all Assyrians. We pray and hope that someday there will be no more suffering but until then, it’s up to us to render aid to the less fortunate. We will send you pictures and details as they become available. We hope that they will help everyone see the results of your generous work." (April 25, 2011 - Albert Davidoo, Assyrian Medical Society’s Chairman)

"Nineb Lamassu is truly a new rising star in Assyrian research. His work on documenting Assyrian heritage of Hakkari mountains is invaluable. And Thank you AFA for raising the bar for Assyrian Organizations." (Tony Khoshaba April 4, 2011)

"It was one of the most educational meetings that I have attended. Kudos to current and past boardmembers of AFA for educating our youth. Nineb Lamassu is truly a gem that needs to be treasured." (Edesa Bitbadal April 4, 2011)

"This is what I call FOUNDATION very proud of them and there achievement" (Waw Allap April 4, 2011)

“The Assyrian Charity and Relief Fund of U/K do try their best to provide some financial assistance not only for Assyrians in Syria but also to Assyrian families in Armenia. This is done via the Assyrian Foundation of America, the only Assyrian organization that is mostly involved in the provision of financial assistance to needy Assyrian families in Syria as well as in Armenia.” (The Assyrian Observer)

Enclosed is a donation from The Mar Shimun Foundation in the amount of $2,000.00. The donation is to be used to assist needy Assyrians throughout the Middle East. The money is being sent through your organization because of the confidence I have that it will be used in the manner for which it was intended” (Rowena d’Mar Shimun, Mar Shimun Memorial Found)

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Assyrian Foundation of America for facilitating my study and research in Assyriology by granting me, last year and this year, the Foundation’s scholarship. The Assyrian Foundation stands out among Assyrian organizations as the one that shoulders the scholarly research and higher education among the Assyrians. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I would also like to express thanks to all those who, thru their generous contributions to the Assyrian Foundation’s education fund, have made these scholarships and grants possible. Thank you very much indeed. (Zack Cherry, Sweden)

“I am so pleased for your regular mailing of Nineveh magazine. Your admirable magazine is of great importance to us….We sincerely hope you will continue sending us your magazine. It helps our little community in the city of Alma-Ata to get all the necessary information about the life of our nation in America and all over the world. The Assyrians of Kazakhstan are mostly the descendants of those who escaped from the slaughter in Iran in 1914. They settled, generally, in Georgia, Tbilisi. Then in 1950 they were exiled to Kazakhstan. These tragic events were described by I. Vartanov in some of your magazine. Nowadays, about a thousand Assyrians live in Kazakhstan. Most of them have relatives in America, but all connections are lost. We hope to establish these relations with the help of your magazine. Recently we set up a center of Assyrian culture in Kazakhstan. The goals and aims of this establishment are similar to those of your organization. We long for informative exchange and mutual understanding.” (Dr. Valery Jean Oshana, President of the Assyrian Cultural Society of Kazakhstan)

“The Assyrian Students Society, Northridge, would like to extend its deepest appreciation for' your most generous contribution aiding to the advancement of our society. Your support for future projects slated by our society, such as: Assyrian Language Classes, Scholarship Fund Raisers and many other ventures is at this time most respectfully solicited. We are sure your interest in advanced education for our youth is of great importance to you as it is to our membership. Your financial support simply draws us closer to this most revered goal Education. Thanks again for your support. (Yours in Assyrianism, Bel W. Lazar, President Assyrian Students Society, Northridge, Calif.)

“On behalf of Association Assyrophile de France, we acknowledge with deep appreciation your scholarship award to help us in our work. You can rest assured that this money will be put to good use. We will keep you informed of our progress.” (Thanks again for your help. Jean- Paul Sliva, President Suzanne Darmo, Secretary)

“May I take this opportunity to thank the Assyrian Foundation of America for its continued support for the promotion of Assyrian language and literature. Your recent purchase of 100 copies of my newly released book "John Alkhas, the Exiled Poet," by Nimrod Simono, is highly appreciated. I am confident that all your members and supporters will enjoy the beauty, style and richness of our language as captured and presented by this great poet and the author of the book. I am confident that the Assyrian Foundation will continue providing the cultural and educational Support to Assyrians at large. I would also like to thank Julius N. Shabbas for his support in promoting my books through the pages of Nineveh magazine.” (Youel A. Baaba Library El Sobrante, CA)

“I am delighted to write to you again to express my gratitude to the executive board of the Assyrian Foundation of America for granting financial assistance to three graduate Assyrian students in Lebanon (the family of Joseph De Mar Youssef). I am certain the above mentioned family will very soon acknowledge the receipt of your grant and will express their gratitude to all of you once the communications with Lebanon are available. For now, and on behalf of the students of Mar Youssef family, I join my voice with other Assyrians to express our admiration and gratitude to the Assyrian Foundation of America for your dedication to assist Assyrian students seeking higher education. For this and other noble goals of general benefits, the Assyrian Foundation of America will be always remembered, appreciated and blessed by the Assyrian people. What a noble gesture and goal for any Assyrian organization or individual by helping needy and unfortunate Assyrians. Keep up the goodwill and God bless you all. Again, I am grateful to all of you.” (Michael Younan San Jose, CA)

I wish to express to the Assyrian Foundation of America my hearty, warm and deep thanks with appreciation for the financial assistance granted to my children Paul, Theodore and Lisette, for their education. You will be pleased to know that they are doing very well in school after an interruption of two years due to the war. The help you provided was very timely. Thank you once again. (Yoseph de Mar Youssef Beirut, Lebanon)


"Despite all the hardship our people are going through around the world today, Assyria is alive and will remain alive as long as we continue to preserve, strengthen and promote our culture and heritage" (Dr. Joe Elias)